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  • Car or comercial vehicle: First need insurance that we can offer with very competitive prices, with the posibility of including the following extra covers: windscreen cover (change or repair in few hours), travel assistance from your doorstep, fire theft, all risk, even for not brand new vehicles. Free election of repair garage, telephone attention for legal assistance in case of a fine by the authorities and we guarantee the best claims service by our own department. We can insure Spanish, English and Dutch registered vehicles.

  • Motorbikes: We will study the best options to insure your motorbike, even with the posibility of covering fire and theft or all risk for bikes of over 125 c.c. including travel assistance and legal advice for traffic fines.

  • House & Contents: We can offer you the best House & Contents insurances on the market, for those unexpected claims that can occur at your home. We shall give you cover for theft and atempted theft, fire, water damage, etc. Always at very competitive prices. We will give you a complete assesment of how to insure your property correctly, even visiting the house if necessary.

  • Accidents: Policies created for private or business use against personal accidents, both at home or at work or driving, with the posibility of extending the cover to include lump sums for temporary or permanent dissability.

  • Community: Competitive policies with very reasonable prices to cover claims that affect your community, where we can include common elements as well as private ones.

  • Offices: Insurance offered to cover problems at your office for both the building and the contents, like computers and electronic equipment.

  • Comercial: Similar to the office policy, covers claims that can arise at your shop, bar or restaurant. Also covers the building if needed and those items that belong to the comercial activity.

  • Boat: As well as providing the obligatory insurance, these policies also offer the chance of including fire, theft or partial loos of the boat, as well as assistance at sea or cover for accidents of the passengers.

  • Life:  Great range of life policies, from the most simple to the most complete financial products. Always with the best covers and premiums.

  • Health: Explain your situation and we shall offer the best policy for you needs, depending whether you travel often or if you stay in Spain for long periods or not. We can also offer competitive dental policies with excellent cover and premiums.

  • Travel/holliday assistance: We can offer different types of policies, depending whether it´s one single trip or if you need an annual policy if you travel more often. These policies cover accidents or medical problems, as well as repatriation, delays or loss, theft or damage to your luggage.

  • Burial: Wide range of burial insurances that will cover all the expenses for when the time comes.

  • Legal assistance: Policies to cover personal legal advise in case of problems with your neighbours or local services eg. water, electricity boards.

  • Public Liability: A policy to cover third party damage caused by yourself, your family, profesional or domestic animals.

  • Golf: Thought to give you cover for damages to your golf equipment as well as public liability and even the round of drinks at the golf club bar in the event of a hole in one.

  • Pet insurance: Health insurance to cover your pets whixh includes vets fees, death from accident, loss from theft or straying…etc.





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